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Planning Board Minutes 07/18/05
July 18, 2005 Page 1     

Kent Johnson, Chairman                  
 John Daniels                                                            
 Phil DeRosa                                                            
 Kathy Greiner
B.J Yankowich
Ray Henderson, excused
Marion Nash, excused

Jay Maxwell

                Ron Gainer, Town Engineer, excused
                   Norman Benson, Planner/Environmental Director

GERARD AND ANTOINETTE DEPAOLI                              Subdivision Concept/2 Lots/Old Route 55

        Chairman Johnson opened the meeting by stating that the DePaoli’s are before the Board this evening for a subdivision concept located at 75 Old Route 55.
        Gerard DePaoli and Antoinette D’Onofrio were present.  The applicant presented a plat showing a two family house on a 9.46+ acres located in a R4 zone.  The road frontage on this parcel of property borders both old Route 55 and New York State Route 55.   The applicant came before the Board with the understanding they were located in a R3 zone, after discussion with Mr. Benson they were informed the property is located in a R4 zone.  An existing two family house would be converted into a one family ranch.  Then the property would be subdivided, and a common driveway constructed to serve both lots.  The driveway entrance would be moved for safety and visibility.  The applicant neighbors are in favor of a one family home instead of a two family.
        Mr. Daniels asked where is the property located on Old Route 55?
        Mr. DePaoli said the property is located next to Parce Pond; the driveway is on  the left of Old Route 55.      
        Chairman Johnson said the applicant has the acreage for a subdivision but not the required road frontage.
        Mr. Benson went thru the road frontage requirements in a R4 Zone, 350 feet per lot or a total 700 feet to subdivide.  The applicant has 510 feet of road frontage.
        Chairman Johnson asked the applicant if the driveway location would be changed?
        Mr. DePaoli replied yes, the existing entrance has limited sight distance.
        Mr. DeRosa asked the applicant if he would consider constructing a driveway off of New York State 55 to enter the proposed subdivided lot.
        Mr. DePaoli said State road permits would be required.  He is not familiar with the guidelines; therefore he cannot give an answer to the Board.  The terrain off New York State 55 is sloped down.  After the state rebuilt New York State 55 they dumped fill in that area.
        Mr. DeRosa said a shorter driveway could be constructed from New York State 55, therefore resulting in a less expensive cost.
        Mr. Benson felt the subdivision concept is good.  The trade off to convert a two family home into a one family home, then subdividing does not increase the number of families per property.
        Chairman Johnson polled the Board to see if a site inspection should be set up?
        Mrs. Yankowich said a road frontage variance is needed.
        Mrs. Greiner said the property is located in a R4 not a R3 therefore creating the need for a variance.  The parcel has approximately 510 feet and will require 700 feet.
        Mr. Benson said the applicant would be short on both lots for road frontage.
        Chairman Johnson said the concept for a subdivision is good, the Board can write a letter to the Zoning Board of Appeals in support of a variance for this project.

        Motion by Mr. DeRosa to refer the applicant to the ZBA for a variance for road frontage.
        Seconded by Mrs. Greiner.  All were in favor and the motioned carried.  

        Mr. DeRosa said in the letter it should be noted the applicant’s two family house would be converted into a one family home thereby allowing for an additional house with no increase in the numbers of families and a safer driveway constructed.

FIBERLUX                                 Discussion on Site Plans/Storage/Route 292  

        Chairman Johnson asked if the applicant was present this evening.
        Mr. Benson replied no, he presented the plans to the Board showing the site plan changes.  The company produces a new vinyl fence product that needs to be store on location.  The existing grass section by the loading area is to be paved.  A 10 feet high fencing would be constructed around the newly paved area shielding the storage space from Route 292.  The fencing to be stored can only be stacked eight feet high. The color of the fencing is tan to match the building.
        Mr. DeRosa asked if several trees or shrubbery could be planted landscaping the area surrounding the fencing?     
        Chairman Johnson said the possibility of landscaping oppose to fencing is an idea.
        Mr. DeRosa said when a motorist drives pass you can visibility look down upon the Fiberlux building.   He felt fencing accompanied with landscaping would be an attractive feature enhancing the look of the building.
        Mrs. Yankowich has concerns with conditions in the winter.  During the winter months snowplowing the newly paved area could affect the trees and shrubbery with the use of salt.   
        Chairman Johnson polled the Board to see if a site plan constitute a significant change in order to do a public hearing?
        Mrs. Yankowich replied, no.
        Mrs. Greiner replied, no.
        Mr. Benson said the applicant has a good business.  He keeps the site attractive and has a respectful working relationship with the Board.
        Mr. DeRosa said a letter could be written asking the applicant to consider landscaping accompanied with fencing to further enhance the look of the building.  He felt the site plan change is positive renovation.
        Chairman Johnson polled the Board and said that it appeared that the consensus of the Board is an agreement upon the site plan change as proposed.   

ADRIAN JAY MAXWELL                               Site Plan Inspection Date/Route 22

        Adrian Maxwell and Adrian Jay Maxwell were present this evening to discuss with the Board a proposed site plan located at 124 State Route 22.  The applicant owns three adjoining parcels of property.  Site plan proposal are to be developed  on two parcels; one parcel is 1.48+, the other 1.0+, total 2.48+ acreage.
        Mr. Benson began by showing the Board a preliminary site plan drawing.  
        Chairman Johnson said Adrian Jay Maxwell wants to construct a building for office/ repair shop/storage facility.  There is an existing easement on the side road right of way.
        Mr. Maxwell said presently there are existing sheds and equipment stored on the lot; they are clearing up the area to propose a 5,000.00 square feet office/repair shop/storage facility.  The design incorporates parking to the North and South.  A side road right of way easement serves several lots.  Bordering the back of the lot is a line of locust trees.  Our plan is to keep these trees undisturbed.
        Chairman Johnson said the third lot does not have enough road frontage; it is on record that the side road right of way easement serves the back lot.  The Board has checked with the Town Attorney Terry Stewart and provided the road is an ongoing dual usage and the easement has been there many years; it will not require a variance.  
        Mrs. Yankowich asked if the side road right of way also serviced the 40+-acreage property owner in the back?
        Mr. Maxwell replied, yes.
        Chairman Johnson asked if the back piece is a slightly lower elevation.  To his, understanding very little fill is needed to bring this location up to grade.
        Mr. Maxwell said a minimal amount of fill would be needed to the area where the building would be constructed.  A rough estimate of fill required is 1-½ feet.
        Mr. Benson said formal site plans needs to be submitted, and both applicants should fill out site plan applications.  He felt the Board should review the site plans, do a site inspection in order to help the applicant better understand Town standards before proceeding with the project, therefore saving time and expense.
        Mr. Maxwell said he is looking for direction from the Board for a better understanding to incorporate recommendations into his site plan.  Once he has feedback, direction can be taken from the Board, and an Engineer’s plans would be submitted.
        Chairman Johnson asked if Adrian Jay Maxwell would need lighting in the back building for safety reason?
        Mr. Maxwell replied, yes.   There is notation on the proposed site plan for lighting, the lighting can be installed as not to interfere with the neighbors (Myrden’s) property.
        Chairman Johnson asked about Septic and Well?
        Mr. Maxwell said a separate Well and Septic System would be installed on the lot Adrian Jay Maxwell is constructing a building upon.
        Chairman Johnson said the plans are two separate plans, but the Board would work the plans together as one.
        Mr. DeRosa asked if environmental issues would be addressed during the site plan approvals?
        Mr. Benson replied, yes the applicant would have to get approvals during the process.
        Chairman Johnson handed out the application forms to the applicant.  He asked the applicant to stake out the areas related to the site plan for inspection.   A site inspection was scheduled for Monday, August 08, 2005 at 3:00 p.m.


                                                        JoAnne Daley
                                                        Recording Secretary

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